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Collection Update!

Ever since I was a little kid, Mew was my favorite pokemon. I frequented the local card shop, and one day I saw it. Lily Pad Mew. $20. Looking back now I wish I would have gotten that card, however, being in 3rd grade, I didn't have that kind of money. Time passed, and I eventually grew out of the pokemon phase.

About three or four years ago I finally decided to get on eBay and try to get my hands on the elusive card, only to find that it was still, WAY out of my price range. In my searches, I came across other beautiful card that I HAD to have. Thus began my Mew collection..

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Goku & ChiChi - Look away we're Kissing

I want this. NOW!

So I really only use LJ for the awesome community called PKMNCollectors!
Honestly, I don't even have any friends on here LOL SO WHY AM I POSTING THIS!?!?!?!

I don't know. I feel like telling the world that they must find me this dragonball z figure!
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I must have it! If anyone knows anything about it, who makes it, how big it is ect . . .or if anyone has one their willing to sell I would be forever in your debt!