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14 February 1990
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My name is Kaycee, Greg House is my hero. I like old video games. I'm pretty rad. Pokemon is the shiz'nit. Arizona tea = life. I'd like Cerberus as a pet. He'd probably be hard to clean up after though. :/

I'm an artist. I like artsy-fartsy things. Pterodactyls pteriffy me, so do raptors.

I believe in ghosts and the apocalypse. God, not so much. When I was little, I was more worried about the Chupacarbra and Big Foot than I was the Boogie-Man or monsters under my bed. That's one of the reasons I want to become a paranormal investigator.

I can't comprehend the size of the universe. It baffles me.

I collect Pokemon, I happen to love: